one player per team → pk subban (montreal canadiens)

one player per teampk subban (montreal canadiens)


What’s the best prank you’ve ever seen?




6/3/14: Jonathan Toews on his new look at the Blackhawks’ end-of-season press conference (X)

So, the thing is? I got the idea from various Tweets that Toews was actually golfing right before the press conference started, and wondered if for some reason he’d ditched it.

And now I’m imagining the Hawks staff rushing around going WHERE THE HELL IS JONNY HE’S UP RIGHT AFTER Q until someone finally texts him, and him glancing down at his phone with golf club in hand going, “Oh shit.”

I feel like Jonny is forever trying to shake the whole Captain Serious thing, and I’m just like, you’re a pretty intense dude with shark eyes. Just be glad they didn’t call you Captain Serial Killer.

Also it’s a horrible look, don’t listen to whatever member of the media told you it wasn’t bad, they’re a moron.  


6/3/14: Patrick Kane on his and Jonathan Toews’ contract extensions at the end-of-season press conference



What video ugh

What I love here is the confirmation that no one, but no one, is willing to pretend that the NHL doesn’t lie its collective ass off about player heights.


a bashful Jonny on his Selke nomination.

2/28/14 Practice @ Soldier Field: Patrick Kane & his friends enjoy the great outdoors